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James McKirdy

Ashbury College
Chemistry Teacher and swim coach
Ottawa, ON, CANADA
I am pretty keen on trying to keep up with the advancing technology and want to be able to bring some of in to the classroom as the new tools for learning. I see myself more as a guide now and want to be able to send my students to the right place or provide them with the right tool(s) so they can "figure it out." I provide a lot of worked solutions to chemistry problems and firmly believe that going working backwards is sometimes just a powerful a way to learn as moving forward.

I like creativity and I am in awe of what students can create. But I struggle to find ways to express this or allow students to express this in the context of chemistry. I think technology can help in this regard so I constantly look for new ways to present age-old concepts.

I am married and we have two daughters. We also have two dogs.