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Eric Marcos

Mathtrain.TV, StudentCreated.TV, Lincoln Middle School
Mathematics Teacher
Santa Monica, CA

Eric Marcos is a mathematics teacher at Lincoln Middle School in Santa Monica, CA. Eric integrates technology through a student-centered “kids teaching kids” model. Using screencasting software, Eric’s students create math video tutorials, which are used in classroom instruction and for the class podcast. The student-created tutorials are also freely-shared with the world on his class Web site (Mathtrain.com), the Mathtrain YouTube site, the Mathtrain App, and his video site Mathtrain.TV. The site has been featured on EuroNews to over 150 countries and in 11 languages. His site and student's work was recently included as a chapter in Alan November's book, Who Owns the Learning.

Eric is currently working on building the free student site, StudentCreated.TV. He has taught in East Boston and San Diego public middle schools. Eric attended Boston College and earned his Master of Education degree in the MidCareer Math and Science Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.