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Eunhee Jung, Ph.D.

About Eunhee Jung, Ph.D.
Founder & Executive Director, IVECA International Virtual Schooling

Dr. Eunhee Jung is the Founder and Executive Director of IVECA International Virtual Schooling. Her expertise is in using instructional technology to integrate classroom activities with virtual teaching and learning environments that are cross-culturally situated to promote intercultural competence of young people around the world.

Dr. Jung developed an Intercultural Virtual Exchange program of Classroom Activities (IVECA) throughout her doctoral study started in 2005. Since then, she has been dedicated to facilitate intercultural virtual connectivity in K-12 school education, teacher professional development, and university courses in education. By using affordable information and communication technologies, she suggests to help any students in the world share quality education, have opportunities to experience cultural diversity, and learn how to work collaboratively with people from different cultures.

The goal is to guide young people to become interculturally competent global citizens who can contribute to peace and development of their society and the world. Having the United Nations’ supportive interest in her work, Dr. Jung has been invited to several UN conferences and High-level Meetings.  She also works collaboratively with universities, technology firms, NGOs, and ministries/offices of education.

Her enthusiasm grew from her previous career as a teacher in Korea. She played a key role in the School System Automation campaign under the ministry of education.  She conducted action research to enhance language education, trained teachers on the use of technologies, and contributed to several model school projects. 

Dr. Jung obtained her M.Ed and Ph.D. in instructional technology from the University of Virginia. She earned her B.Ed. in Elementary Teacher Education with concentration in Science Education from Seoul National University of Education. The United States Distance Learning Association recognized her work with the 21st Century Best Practice Award for Excellence in Distance Learning in 2009. The articles about her and IVECA have been published to several newspapers including Huffington Post.