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Geetha Narayanan

About Geetha Narayanan
Principal Investigator, Project Vision, Centre of Education Research Training and Development (CERTAD), Srishti School of Art Design and Technology, Bangalore, India

Described often as edgy, esoteric or philosophical, Geetha Narayanan has over 3 decades of experience in education. Her work as a game changer in this field has led her to start many institutions. Amongst them are a not for profit trust dedicated to education, a private K-12 school, a college of art, design and technology as well as centers of learning for urban underserved youth.
Geetha’s vision for learning rather than schooling, for pedagogies that foster slowness rather than speed and for moving beyond dualities (of art-science, mind-body, or even east-west) into a more unified and creative whole has directed the work of a collective of artists, designers, thinkers, educators, teachers and facilitators. This collective called Project Vision works with a mandate to be creative and constructive in mainstream education contexts. Their work, while varied, enactive and energetic, cannot be dismissed easily as either avante-garde or alternative. Over the years this collective have envisioned, articulated, co-created, iterated and documented approaches to designing and delivering learning in the middle grades of K-12 education and helped connect learning with livelihoods for underserved communities across three centers in Bangalore.Serving as active head of schools and on the boards of many foundations Geetha’s primary purpose has been to bring long term systemic change in India’s growing educational milieu.