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Technology Integrator, Conneaut School District, Linesville, PA 
Herb has been teaching Math for 24 years and the last 3 years as a technology Integrator. He has been using technology in the classroom for years. His superintendent offered him the Classrooms For the Future technology integrator position. He spent a year training at conferences, workshops, and other districts to facilitate Twenty First Century skills and teaching. Since, he has been teaching technology to staff and students at all levels. Classrooms are changing but the work needs to continue for full integration of Twenty First Century skills. New in the fall of 2010 was My Big Campus. He has been teaching the use of MBC as an online classroom. He has been integral to the district in motivating teachers to use MBC in their classroom. They have been using MBC in several classrooms such as Computer Applications, Programming, Spanish, History, English, and Math. They have moved so far as to have full cyber students in Math, English, and Spanish. He has been running a Cyber Trigonometry course for an entire semester. They are also piloting a flip the classroom math class. He has been working with the math teacher to create video lessons for evening instruction then use the actual class a differentiated problem solving setting. They are now in the process of accepting applications for their cyber school launch in the fall of 2011. The facilitation of the cyber school will be through the utilization of My Big Campus.